Lorde is Collaborating with MAC Cosmetics!

dark lipstick for all!

by steff yotka

If there's one trademark of Lorde's that is as recognizable as her moody voice, curly hair, or black-and-white wardrobe, it's her die hard love of dark lipsticks. So when we heard from The Cut that she was collaborating with MAC on a line of cosmetics, we weren't that surprised... just more (OMG!) excited.

While no details about the collab have been released, we'd bet a zillion dollars that the line includes at least one dark-hued lipstick. As MAC artist Amber D. who often works with Lorde told us "it's important that she looks cool but not too makeup-y!" and lipstick is pretty much the secret to a totally rad, hassle-free look. 

Check out our favorite of Lorde's dark lipped looks in the slideshow and tell us what you're hoping for from her MAC collab on Twitter and Facebook