los feliz

The best burrito we’ve ever had…

by Josh Madden

When our friends at Los Feliz invited us to stop by and check out their spot we said, "Sure, of course, why not," but we never expected what we encountered. First of all there's the menu by Chef Julietta Ballasteros, which doesn't list a single thing we don't absolutely love--but we'll come back to that in a minute. Let's first discuss the hand-plastered walls covered with hand-etched luchadors, horses, tacos, Santa Maria, and well tons of images that pay homage to modern Mexico. As if the old world vibe candle lit cafe wasn't enough, a stairway leads to a subterranean dining area with cobblestone floors. There is yet another staircase which leads to a private room with a marble slap top bar, reclaimed from Independence Hall in Philadelphia and leather couches. So, now that you get a feel for the ambiance, let us tell you about the best "Burrito de Atún" we have ever eaten: The chef uses a pan-seared big eye tuna, which is known as 'ahi; it's not your average "tuna fish" tuna, it's more like a steak. Served in a flour tortilla with jicama relish and avocado, this thing seriously ruined burritos for us--and trust us, we've eaten burritos around the world. The avocado pasilla sesame sauce is totally unnecessary but when we tasted it we realized that it's the icing on the cake. Speaking of sauces, we strongly urge, actually we beg chef Ballasteros to bottle the homemade chipotle sauce that was served with the tortilla chips. The dinner was so incredible we declined dessert (we're not even kidding a little bit). All-in-all the food was incredible, the music was good and not to loud, the space is amazing, and we're going to be hitting this spot once a week at a minimum. Check out the Los Feliz website HERE and make sure to hit this spot soon!