Louis The Child Bring Love To Life In Their New Music Video

With a little help from Elohim

Louis The Child is the future of dance music. The Chicago duo has a knack for feel-good electronic-pop that's innovative and free of Top 40 clichés. Come March 24, their EP, Love Is Alive, will be out in the world, and rest assured that originality trumps all.

But before the album release, they're dropping the title track's Megan Park-directed music video with artist/producer Elohim. 

You can't go wrong with a pastel-hued, ultra-choreographed video. Simplicity gets the job done and in Louis The Child's case, it gets the job done perfectly. "I love the crawling out of your skin emotion the dancers embody in this video," Elohim tells us, "metaphorically exposing the feeling of being trapped and wanting to go where love is alive." Indeed, you can't escape the optimism that electrifies the dance here; you can practically feel it coming through each and every dancer's fingertips. Louis The Child's Freddy and Robby agree, saying working with a director they really love produced "a video we feel fits the song and carries a special emotion." Perhaps that emotion is love; perhaps that emotion is unbridled joy. Whatever it is, it feels good and, well, we're going to go and find it in our lives, too.