old-school roller skates are back. But why?

by faran krentcil

Despite the kick-ass appeal of Whip It!, few of us were inspired to run out and join a Roller Derby team. (Maybe it's the propensity for broken bones on a daily basis, but that's just a guess.)  And although Boogie Nights remains a cult classic, becoming a new version of Roller Girl seems just as unlikely.

So why does Urban Outfitters have new pairs of Roller Skates for sale on their website?  We're not sure.  They're incredibly cute - pink suede with hot pink wheels - but a far cry from the bikes and skateboards we usually use to traverse the city. 

If you're willing to strap on a new pair of roller skates and tear through your neighborhood, let us know.  Otherwise, we'll assume these wheels fall in the Look-But-Don't-Touch file - unless, of course, you're planning an ode to Babe Ruthless.

$300 in pink and green