old-school roller skates are back. But why?

    by · November 21, 2010
    Despite the kick-ass appeal of Whip It!, few of us were inspired to run out and join a Roller Derby team. (Maybe it’s the propensity for broken bones on a daily basis, but that’s just a guess.) And although Boogie Nights remains a cult classic, becoming a new version of Roller Girl seems just as unlikely.So why does Urban Outfitters have new pairs of Roller Skates for sale on their website? We’re not sure. They’re incredibly cute - pink suede with hot pink wheels - but a far cry from the bikes and skateboards we usually use to traverse the city. If you’re willing to strap on a new pair of roller skates and tear through your neighborhood, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll assume these wheels fall in the Look-But-Don’t-Touch file - unless, of course, you’re planning an ode to Babe Ruthless.$300 in pink and green
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