We Asked A Bunch Of Festival Goers To Show Us Their Best Runway Moves

Category is… Palm Springs Pool Party Realness

by NYLON x Lucky Brand

Anything is a runway if you make it one. The sidewalk, your apartment's narrow staircase, the subway platform—all can be transformed into a platform to feel your fantasy and serve your vibe. Just name your category and work.

This year, we turned Arrive Hotel's poolside at Lucky Brand's Desert Jam into that kind of space, asking party and festival goers to dive, turn, and swerve for the gods. It helped to have the live sounds of Charli XCX, Naomi Wild, Jaira Burns, and Harry Hudson bumping in the background. Here, everyone was a star. 10s across the board! Had we trophies, they'd have been snatched right quick.

What category are we on right now? Palm Springs Pool Party Realness. Watch as these kings and queens bring it to the runway.

Producer: Maura GaughanCamera: Danielle Okon and Charlotte PragerEditor: Charlotte Prager