lumen by mission bicycle company

Light up the streets…

by Christian Lavery

Biking once the sun down goes down is anything but safe. And up until now, we’ve seen resolutions that range from attachable flashing lights to reflective decals. While those are all sound solutions, we can’t quite say they compare to Mission Bicycles’ Lumen.

The patented innovation from the San Francisco-based bicycle manufacturers comes in the form of a fully operational bike that returns any light that hits the Lumen's frame and wheels directly back to the light source, making you more visible and safer than ever. All in all, it’s an urban cyclists dream come true…well, almost.

To make it happen, Mission Bicycles has turned to Kickstarter in hopes of reaching its $15,000 goal that if attained, will ultimately fund the project. Available in single speed or fully geared, in five sizes, you can back the project HERE and be one of the first to cruise the streets on a commercially available retro-reflective bike.