Lykke Li Covers Drake Hold On Were Going Home Song

nothing will be the same

Drake’s emotions have met their match in Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li: The singer just debuted a cover of the Champagne Papi’s 2013 moody tune “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

Aside from the obvious vocal differences, Lykke Li’s version stays true to the original. It’s more haunting, for sure, but what’s a Lykke Li track without a morose temperament? This version is the definition of turndown, and when you consider all the songs demanding we turn up, Li’s new track is a welcome surprise. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a Drake song. Drake cures all woes—or, at least he validates them.

Check it out below. Hey, maybe these two will do a surprise performance together at Coachella this year. They both will be there, after all...