lynwood shirt by sailor jerry

A heavy duty flannel…not to be taken lightly…

by Josh Madden

lynwood shirt by sailor jerry

Our favorite season kicked in the door about a week ago and here on the East Coast it's full-on flannel weather. So when we met up with our Sailor Jerry pals last night and they put us in this shirt, it was game on. The 


is one of three shadow plaid flannel shirts in the new fall collection from the art, tattoo, and now style icon, 

Norman Collins

AKA Sailor Jerry. Collins, who was in the United States Navy and spent his life between Reno, Nevada, Northern California, and Honolulu, definitely knows the value of a warm flannel. Even better the good looks of this shirt are matched equally in quality.

We wondered why we weren't privy to the growing

Sailor Jerry

clothing collection, and found that the company hasn't done a full fledged release into stores it instead takes a more direct approach. As an anti-sweatshop company,

Sailor Jerry Ltd

. produces nearly all its items in the United States and sells them from the company’s web site, which is pretty radical if you ask us. Shop the entire collection of button up shirts, custom-made tattoo flash t-shirts, and other good 


. Plusfollow the brand's Twitter 


for updates on new gear and rad happenings.