Watch Mac Miller And Ariana Grande Perform “My Favorite Part”

Too cute to handle

Remember how we were all gushing about Ariana Grande and Mac Miller back in 2013 when their hit "The Way" came out? The music video was overflowing with cuteness, but they weren't even dating—in fact, they were both involved with other people. Fast-forward to the present and the artists are practically inseparable. Miller is madly, deeply in love, and even devoted an entire album to convey his full admiration for his muse.

Recently, the couple made a public appearance on DirecTV's AUDIENCE Network for a special performance of their new duet, "My Favorite Part." I mean, you can see the pure joy radiating off of Miller's face before Grande takes the stage. When she finally saunters on, Grande sings with a smile. As they get closer to one another, you can feel the tension rise. 

They literally don't take their eyes off each other, staring each other down when they reach the bridge. Miller can't even get to the next hook before Grande breaks character and laughs. Whether or not they want to admit if they are official, there's no denying the chemistry between them. (The flirting and passion here is through the roof!)

The hilarious dance gestures they do at the end might actually send you over the edge, though. "Pleasure working with you," Miller says as he walks back to the mic stand. "I'll be in touch," she replies off-stage.

The Divine Feminine is out now. If you like what you see, definitely catch Miller on tour this season. In the meantime, watch the performance, above.