chef payard's macaron ice cream sandwiches

    an american classic with a french twist.

    by Yasmeen Gharnit · August 02, 2014

    photo by liz riccardi

    It doesn't take much to create a culinary masterpiece of ice cream, but that doesn't stop chefs and bakers alike from trying. And after years and years of outlandish (yet delicious) attempts, it seems as if no fresh innovations are left on the horizon.

    Cue Chef Payard's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, a true magnum opus. Available in Salted Caramel, Coconut Mango, and Pistachio Raspberry, the sandwiches contain house-made ice cream and sorbet encased in handmade macaron shells. "They're a classic American dessert with a French twist," says Chef Payard. At only $5 a piece, consider them the ultimate summer treat. And since today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, we suggest you grab a friend and try all three.

    They're available at all New York City Francois Payard Bakery and FP Patisserie locations through the end of August.

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