Macaulay Culkin Plays Kurt Cobain In Whacky New Music Video

Is everything okay, Father John Misty?

There’s a whole lot going on in the new Father John Misty video. Debuting today, “Total Entertainment Forever” features Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain, alongside a trio of actors playing George Washington, Ronald McDonald, and Bill Clinton.

The song starts with the line, “Bedding Taylor Swift/ Every night inside the Oculus Rift,” so we should’ve probably expected a kooky twist for the visual. As it pans out, Culkin is trapped inside a virtual reality game being played by Washington. After being tied to a pole by way of two-game controllers, Culkin/Cobain gets whipped. Then, we see him carrying a cardboard cross, which he’s eventually crucified on.

Misty spoke with Entertainment Weekly earlier this month about the single. He mentioned: “The point [of ‘Total Entertainment Forever’] is that I don’t think that there are going to be famous people in the near future. There are only going to be infamous people. Jennifer Lawrence will be famous and everyone else will be infamous.” He goes on to note that another core point is that “human beings should not be turned into entertainment.” As for the Taylor Swift reference, he notes that her name rhymed with Oculus Rift.

Watch the video above and feel free to come to your own conclusions on what the heck is actually going on.