Comfort food at it’s finest…

by Christian Lavery

Still, to this day, we get excited when our eyes catch even the slightest glimpse of "the cheesiest" blue box at a grocery store -- a problem that’s been plaguing us since our childhood days. So imagine how we feel when we walk into a whole restaurant dedicated to the comfort food from childhood. We’ll give you a little hint: it’s a mix of the same feeling you get when two candy bars out of the vending machine via one purchase, and that moment when you find a crisp $20 bill in some old pants pockets.

Residing in Nolita, Macbar is a little establishment that has us salivating every time we walk by (and with our office only a few blocks away, that’s more often than you would think). Devoted to dishing out macaroni and cheese in all sorts of interesting combos, it’s safe to say that this spot has something for all levels of mac and cheese enthusiasts.

With a menu consisting of items like the classic, cheeseburger mac, and carbonara, to a dish that even merges our love for mac and cheese with lobster, fittingly named "Mac Lobsta," leaving hungry isn’t an option – but wanting more, well, you’ll have to hold yourself back on your own.

Our most recent trip involved the margarita mac. Topped with fresh tomatoes and basil, and made with creamy parmigiano cheese, it’s an option that shouldn’t be overlooked. Cooked to perfection with a crispy top layer of cheese that acts as a roof to warm, gooey enjoyment, it’s a shame they don’t sell a size bigger than large. But believe us, that won’t stop us from heading back there real soon.

Check out Macbar’s website HERE, and pop in anytime for a more grown up version of mac and cheese -- even though we still feel like a kid eating it.