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mad men meme monday

5 different ways to express your feelings over last night’s episode.

by steff yotka

The second episode of Mad Men's final season premiered last evening, and, in typical Mad Men fashion, a lot happened in varying bursts of drama and long, pensive pauses. 

Perhaps the most startling realization was that Don has told no one of his dismissal from SC&P, not even his family. But always there to bring Don back to earth, is Sally who doesn't let him off the hook for his lies. In the office Peggy flipped out at her secretary (Peggy, don't you know better?!), while Joan got promoted to an account manager. On the whole, the episode did a lot to set up future plot points (Joan at an accounts dinner, Pete vying for power in LA, Don making a comeback), so we'll have wait to see the results of last night's action. 

But in the meantime, here are 5 memes to post on your Tumblr until next Sunday. 

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Oh Dawn, you are so ready to take over as head of personnel from Joan. You are keeping secrets from basically everyone, dressing to the nines, and have mastered the art of the sly smirk. No wonder your hair is so big....

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Don could really take some advice from Ru Paul (for those who don't know, the meme text is Ru Paul's catch phrase on Ru Paul's Drag Race, the other TV show I binge watch). He's reached the lowest of lows, eating Ritz crackers on the floor and marking his progress on a Canadian Club bottle with a wax pencil. He's also definitely filled with secrets--the big one being that he's told no one of his departure from SC&P. What do you do when you don't like the conversation, Don? You change it, remember? Don needs to accept who he is and what he did so that he can move on. Telling Sally the truth was step one, I think, in his recovery.

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Everyone gave Joan a hard time this week, from the constant rearranging of secretaries to the awkward mention on the partners conference call of doing whatever it takes to get a car client (lest we forget that Joan slept with the creepy Jaguar dude). But still, she came out victorious, getting promoted to accounts by the end of the episode. It's going to be an uphill struggle for sure, but no one is as savvy as Joan. 

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The lack of creative stimulation at work has left Peggy looking for other outlets for her imagination, like taking her secretary's flowers and assuming they're hers. She sends crazy coded messages to Ted, and then flips out on Shirley when she tells Peggy the flowers were a gift from her fiance. In an ironic twist, Peggy then goes into Lou Avery mode, telling Shirley she should have lied and gets her reassigned to a new desk. 

So can this Peggy-Ted storyline be over now? Because I think we've waited long enough for the Peggy-Stan one to finally happen.

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Pete had nothing left to barter with. His clients are being stolen from him, his responsibilities are diminishing, and his relationships are schreeching to a halt. What's there for him to aspire to if the NY office is stripping him of power and Ted Chaough's job and power has no allure. Even his Betty-meets-Bethany girlfriend isn't going to give him what he wants. But as we know, Pete doesn't stay mad for long...he just comes up with a catastrophic plan.