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Mae Muller Gets The Ultimate Revenge On A Cheating Lover In “Jenny”

Sound the horns because a new queen is here

What is it about a brass section and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that go so well together? Mae Muller's latest song, "Jenny," features all that and then some, like a healthy dose of young British swagger.

On first listen, "Jenny" is a song about a cheating man. This fella's not been faithful—to any of the girls he's supposedly dating. What a shame, then, when Muller links up with one of his other girls and the both of them leave his no good, lyin' butt behind. How's that saying go again? Boy, bye. 

Because at the heart of "Jenny" is a message of female solidarity and friendship. "It's about girls sticking together and realizing we don't need men that aren't gonna treat us right," Muller says. 

This marks the second collaboration between Muller and producer Two Inch Punch. Between this and her debut single, "The Hoodie Song," Muller's brutal honesty is refreshing. She speaks her mind, keeps things biting and concise without losing an ounce of integrity. It's everything you could hope for from a rising brazen British star. Expect to hear this and more when Muller's debut EP, After Hours, drops February 6.