Maggie Lindemann Shares What Helps Her Cope With Bipolar Disorder

A powerful Show + Tell

We all have that one thing (or a few!) that keeps us focused, that reminds us to breathe and not get caught up in life's BS. That, or we're in search of one. For rising singer Maggie Lindemann, it's a video featuring spoken word poet Shane Koyczan's piece, "To This Day." "It talks about being bullied and all these different of mental issues people have and how other people see [mental illness] versus how it really is," Lindemann says. For a person who is learning to live with their bipolar disorder, like Lindemann is, it has the power to, as she explains, provide comfort through rough times. She even has a verse tattooed on her bicep.

Watch more in our latest edition of Show + Tell. Maggie Lindemann's "Pretty Girl" single is available now.

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