Maisie Williams Trades Her Sword For A Gun In The ‘iBoy’ Trailer

A Netflix Original

The next season of Game of Thrones isn’t premiering until next summer, so Netflix, the new kingpin of content, is here to provide you with your Maisie Williams fix until then. iBoy is the latest of the Netflix Originals, which keep getting made and released at a dizzying pace. It follows a young dude, newcomer Bill Milner, who “fancies” Lucy, played by Williams. She tells him to come by her place one night, and when he does, he encounters a group of masked intruders that shoot him in the head. But instead of dying like the rest of us, he develops special powers, whose exact natures are unclear but that definitely have something to do with technology and the ability to manipulate it. (IMDb describes it as “a strange set of superpowers.”) He then spends the rest of the movie learning those powers and using them to take out the bad guys.

But back to Williams. It’s a little weird seeing her in the damsel-in-distress role because, well, she's Arya Stark, and it’s also weird to see her holding a gun instead of her trusty Needle. We’ll have to get used to seeing her as someone other than Arya, though, because Williams has about six movies scheduled to come out this year. iBoy drops on Netflix on January 27, and you can watch the trailer above.