Nicki Minaj Would Rather FaceTime Than Party In New Major Lazer Video

Run up; ring, ring

Phones away at the dinner table is a thing. Phones away during movies is also a thing. It's common courtesy, really. Still, scanning a crowd at a concert or party function will show a sizeable number of people focused on their tiny screens instead of what's happening in the here and now. It's like there's something better happening elsewhere.

Major Lazer subverts that in their new video for "Run Up." They throw a literal FaceTime party whereby people whine, drink, make out, and more while FaceTiming. Everyone's connecting but distancing themselves. Nicki Minaj, who fires off one of her best guest verses of recent memory, joins in her own way via the videophone service and PARTYNEXTDOOR is just there for a good time, phone in hand. It's all very Black Mirror, only turnt up and well choreographed.

“The idea was to laugh at ourselves and at the unconditional love we bear to our smartphones,” the directors Paul, Luc and Martin say in a press release. “Humor and absurdity came naturally in our speech because our will was not to accuse someone or something but just exaggerate it to foster reflection.”

Right. FOMO is real, but does it cancel itself out when you, too, are creating FOMO for the person watching your call? This Mobius strip of a question is too much to handle right now. Just don't try this stunt at your next party. Or do, and face the wrath of no phone sticklers who will stop at nothing to ensure everyone is present at all times. (We all know a person like that.)