Major Lazer Too Original Music Video Elliphant Jovi Rockwell

this is “too original”

By Major Lazer standards, the new video for “Too Original” is pretty tame. Elaborate sets, costumes, and effects are traded for a genuinely simple good time. What happens after a local restaurant cashes out its last customer? Those closest to its owners and crew arrive for a little libation and celebratory dancing, obviously. It’s the stuff that really only happens in movies, but we’ve a feeling there exist some restaurant families who live for these kinds of nights. (Can anyone point us to the nearest one in New York, please?)

Among the revelers are Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell. Both ladies add that extra bit of oomph to the track, which debuted on Major Lazer’s outstanding summer LP Peace Is The Mission. The dancing is infectious, and the tiny, mustached human is just the best. See for yourself below.