Makeup Vs. Sweat: Don’t Let Your Mascara Do The Running

Gym first, party after, no retouches—is it possible?

Sometimes, you just want to give a little extra oomph to those gym mirror selfies. We put supposedly sweatproof makeup to the test in the sweatiest situation we could think of: Box + Flow. Did your favorite brands make it through the workout? Check out the video, above, and reviews, below, to find out.

Credits:Shot by Charlotte Prager and Gretta WilsonEdited by Gretta Wilson and Dani OkonProduced by Alex Hsie

Dani Okon, Video EditorSince I barely sweat, it was hard to tell how my makeup stood the test, but like, hypothetically, in an alternate universe where I did sweat, maybe even to an above-average degree, I'd imagine the Tarte liner I wore as eyeshadow would've stayed on better than I'd anticipated, while the Milk pencil liner probably would have vanished from my lids completely. But what do I know! I basically didn't sweat at all!

Tarte, Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in Sugarplum, $21, available at Sephora; Milk Makeup, Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, $22, available at Milk Makeup

Jessica Mannarino, Office Manager and Executive Assistant

The Kat Von D Brow lasted through the high-intensity training and all the sweating. Plus, the liner went on super-smoothly, and stayed on well. Maybe the best part was, it didn't even seem like I was wearing any makeup, it was so light feeling. I would totally use these products in my daily makeup routine.

Kat Von D, 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade, $19, available at Kat Von D; Kat Von D, Dagger Tattoo Liner, $20, available at Kat Von D; Shiseido, Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush, $29, available at Shiseido

Taylor Bryant, Web EditorContrary to what the video might show, I actually sweat a lot during class. I’m a chronically sweaty person, and it’s my least favorite trait, but I digress. Despite the salt water dripping from every orifice of my body, my eyeliner and lipstick stayed put through the jumping jacks, jabs, and downward facing dogs. I expected that of the matte liquid formula since those rarely budge, but the eyeliner was a pleasant surprise. It’s so stubborn that the glitter flakes found in the formula lingered on my face through the weekend.

Marc Jacobs Beauty, Glam Glitter Gel Eye Crayon in (Gem)stoned, $25, available at Marc Jacobs Beauty; Too Faced, Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick, $21, available at Sephora.

Erin Parker, Associate Social Media EditorThis is definitely one of the sweatiest classes I've taken, and I was extremely impressed by the staying power of both Dior products—particularly the eyeliner. This graphic liner didn't even smudge despite the fact that the rest of me appeared as though I had just emerged from a swamp. 10/10 would recommend.

Dior, Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Ultra Pigmented Hydra Lipstick, $37, available at Dior; Dior, Long Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, $30, available at Dior.