song premiere: manou

a breakup song that’ll make you wanna dance.

by rachel perlman

She may be just 17 years old, but Manou is definitely not just another young and innocent dancing queen. In fact, she's totally the opposite, cool and dark, as her sound cuts sharp corners at every verse. The half German/half English singer mixes twinkling techno beats with her glossy voice to make music fit for a 21st century roller-disco. 

Her new single, "Loving You," gets deep as she sings about her first heartbreak. As the musician explains, "My first track 'Sadie' was about my friend looking for love," explains Manou, "Whereas 'Loving you' is far more personal: I had just gone through my first heartbreak."

The end product is raw and emotional--but despite its dark sensibility, it doesn't get hidden in the shadows of sadness (mostly thanks to production from P*Nut, who's worked with Amy Winehouse and Eliza Doolittle). Manou need not worry about another broken heart, she's about to win you all over in a seriously sweet way.

Listen to the premiere of "Loving You" here, and find out more about Manou!