Mapei Band Crush

she’s gonna be huge…so get your groove on now.

by liza darwin

Full disclosure: when Mapei's breakout single "Don't Wait" first slammed upon the music scene last year, we were too busy humming along to actually stop for a second and officially deem her a Band Crush. But now that the Stockholm-bred songbird is gearing up to release her debut album 

Hey Hey

later this month, there's really no excuse 


to crown her our latest. Thanks to a soulful spin on clappy pop hit, this is a musician who is no longer emerging....but she's only getting started. 

Mapei had a fledging career as a rapper originally but as she puts it, singing was her "soul's calling." It wasn't until she had the confidence to actually perform live when she considered switching to singing. "I'm not that competitive naturally, and it felt like there was always a competition to sing the best in music class so that kind of shut me down," she told us. "But I knew that it was something I wanted to do." We're lucky she did. 

Whether you're talking about her stirring new jam "Change" or the strummy "Things You Know Nothing About," take it from us: 

Hey Hey 

is overflowing with irresistable, smart pop with a purpose. Mapei recommends listening to her music "on a nice summer day in the backyard or in the home with the window open hearing the birds chirp in the background," but we say it works well for anywhere, anytime. 

Who says your summer anthem can't work for fall? Prepare your iTunes for 

Hey Hey 

when it drops September 23, and listen to more Mapei below.