Marana by Etnies

Thanks for the unbreakable kicks Shecks!!

by Josh Madden

Marana by Etnies

It's funny--just the other day I was talking with a friend about how I miss the 

SLB 23 Etnies

and how jealous that my little brother had them back in the day and I never had the chance--and mere days later, the brand sends over these 


for us to check out!

These are 

Ryan Sheckler's

pro model and I gotta tell ya, I'm stoked on the understated style and comfortable wear. The Marana is carefully crafted piece by piece, assembled, and then the rubber toe cap is fused on. Instead of ripping your kicks to shreds and covering them with tape or goo Sheckler and the Etnies pals have preemptively got you covered. The lightweight and impact-resistant STI Evolution Foam midsole doesn’t pack out, enhancing the cushioning of the footbed and the non-slip outsole’s herringbone tread.

If all of this isn't enough, just check out the 20 different colorways Etnies offers 


(all the way up to size 14)! Check out the full spring collection 


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