Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Three

and this time, he shares his favorite saying of all time…

by sara tardiff

We didn't know if we'd ever see the day that a third Marcel the Shell video would be released. Today, though, everyone's favorite little one-eyed shell is back and we can hardly even handle it. It's Jenny Slate's first Marcel The Shell video since 2011, and comes with everything from the shoe-wearing mini-dude's favorite saying (“Life’s a party, rock your body”) to his revelation about shrimps (“They’re the idiots of the sea”).

You probably know that the YouTube series featuring an overload of apathetic cuteness was originally created in 2010 by Slate (who also voices the character of Marcel) and her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp (who directs the videos). What started as a fun little project to share with friends turned into a crazy successful 2010 short film, a best-selling children’s book, and a series with a combined viewing number of over 31.6 million.

Marcel is hardly just a stop-motion film for kids, though--as Slate said on Letterman, Thursday, “If you’re a human with a nice beating heart you’ll probably find something to like [about Marcel the Shell].”

In all honesty, we like everything (even his sneeze).