Your March Horoscopes Are Here

what the stars have in store for this month

by christie craft

The first hopeful murmurs of spring can finally be felt in the month of March, lingering just below the topsoil, waiting to burst forth and bash every lucky passerby over the head with an aromatic bouquet of tulips and limitless possibility (hopefully, you have your seasonal allergies in check). There’s a reason why earlier societies celebrated fertility as soon as spring started to show: Potential for divine creativity is everywhere, even as seeds within the subconscious.

Ruled by lucid Neptune, Pisces regards life as raw clay ready to be molded into whatever their imaginations dream up in that moment. But Pisces’ reflexive mental constitution doesn’t allow them to become glued to only one idea—these water signs can easily dash from one reality to the next until they’ve checked off every fantasy on their list. When the sun is in Pisces, each sign is reminded of how many unseen options we have to create—or change—our individual and collective realities.

This month, many of us may feel a rush of excitement at this realization, especially near March 5 when Mars blazes into adventurous fire sign Sagittarius, where he’ll stay for about six weeks. Then on March 8, a solar eclipse turbocharges the friendly new moon in Pisces, which could flood many of our psyches with sudden messages. Listen to your intuition during this week, especially after Venus slides into sweet Pisces on the 12th. Expect your lenses to be rose colored during Venus’ Pisces cycle—keep your heart open but avoid emotional recklessness. Take care to carve enough time for self-care and to tend to your closest intimate relationships toward the end of the month. A razor-sharp lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23 could be the hidden iceberg that finally sinks your partnership.

Pisces: No Free Lunch

Happy birthday, Pisces! The last year has been a wild emotional ride—especially when it came to progressing toward your highest professional goals and relationship ideals. You’re ready for a drama-free existence, but don’t get attached to the idea of tranquility: On March 5, Mars will penetrate your career sector, reigniting your professional drive. March is ideal for competing for a promotion at work or launching a new business. Mars hasn’t been this generous in nearly two years, just be prepared to have your patience stretched to your breaking point. Calmer waters for initiating professional and entrepreneurial endeavors wait in early summer, so shrug off any FOMO if the storm becomes too chaotic to manage.

A solar eclipse and a new moon in Pisces on March 8 breathes new life into a relationship or creative pursuit. With the Pisces new moon turbocharged by the solar eclipse in harsh angle to Saturn, your dedication will be tested in order to succeed. Venus joins the Pisces party on March 12, giving you a huge dose of magnetism that will mingle nicely with the squeaky-clean lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23.

Aries: Murky Emotional Waters

Fresh intellectual, spiritual, or physical challenges are what you crave most, and you won’t be bored once Mars travels into your ninth House of Higher Learning on March 5. Passion for your highest-held morals and beliefs will set the month’s tone, and you’ll be willing to go into battle to defend your ideals. A solar eclipse and a new moon in Pisces on March 8 followed by Venus’ move into Pisces on March 12 may bog you down in emotionally draining waters, making lovers’ quarrels almost unavoidable that week. The emotional levee could break once and for all between you and your lover or business partner in the days surrounding March 23 when a sharp lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra forces you to acknowledge and address critical imbalances you know aren’t fair. A total breakup may be the only solution to preserve whatever remains of your connection.

Taurus: Pay Up, Play Up

March roars onto the scene with Mars taking an irritating position to your finances on March 5. Drama lurks in your billfold in the first half of the month, Taurus, so prepare yourself accordingly for frustrating news connected to unexpected debt (think: taxes and health insurance) or a shared financial burden. Worst of all, the surprise expense will likely feel totally unfair, but no matter how stubborn you become, the facts won’t change and you’ll still have to cough up the dough.

A solar eclipse in your 11th House of Groups and Goals and a dreamy new moon in Pisces on March 8 gives you a break from the chaos in the sanctuary of your social circle. Venus, your ruler, slides into slippery-sweet Pisces on March 12, adding, even more, sugar to your social bowl. Shimmering opportunities to make more friends is at your fingertips during these weeks, so get out there before a serious lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra resets your system back to all-business.

Gemini: Teacher’s Pet

The static in your love life becomes louder as fiery Mars in Sagittarius smokes up your partnership sector on March 5, agitating past wounds and underlying tension between you and your mate, S.O., or a close business partner. An argument is probably unavoidable now, but as long as you keep compromise and mutual respect in mind, your spat could be constructive. On March 8, a solar eclipse in your 10th House of Career mingles nicely with the imaginative Pisces new moon, inspiring you to consider the limitless possibilities in your career path. Significant developments in your career are so close, and after March 12 when Venus sashays into Pisces, you’ll have the courage and charisma to ask for what you want—and deserve—at work. Superiors won’t be able to resist your charms. Keep your eye on the ball professionally throughout the month—a sharp lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra could test the strength of your relationship if you sense that your partner is unsupportive of your career choices or envious of your success.

Cancer: Under Construction

Health, wellness, and improving your quality of life are likely to be your main focus points through the month with aggressive Mars setting up shop in your sixth House of Work and Health on March 5. You may feel sudden surges to test your physical limits—like beating your personal best at the gym—or to tackle an intimidating task (hello, unfinished project-turned-clutter pile). Feeling antsy in your surroundings? March is a peach of a month to start setting the gears to upgrade to a better home.

Creative paths to greater organization and efficiency in all parts of life will rule the day on March 8 when a solar eclipse and new moon mingle in your sister water sign, Pisces, and light up your mind with equal doses of logic and imagination. More drama-prone Cancers (you know who you are) may need to address an awkward tension growing between you and a co-worker before it spills into gossip fodder. Venus’ slippery slide into Pisces on March 12 will give you the upper hand in channeling your charisma. An extremely potent lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23 will bring your nerve center back home when emotionally intense news involving a close relative rocks your family’s foundation.

Leo: Steamy Encounters

Sex and romance might’ve felt as thrilling as getting a series of root canals in the last few months, but things are about to change. Mars in friendly fire sign Sagittarius sets your fifth House of Romance and Pleasure aglow for the first time in almost two years on March 5, giving you the confidence and freedom to drop your burden, and have fun in the purest sense. Taking risks emotionally and exploring with childlike, carefree curiosity will be rewarded with rich adventures and steamy encounters. All the single Leos: Get out of your comfort zone for the most fruitful rewards. The solar eclipse and new moon on March 8 charges up your money sector, illuminating hidden pockets of cash you may not know about, especially in taxes, past commissions, or royalty checks. Drawing up a new budget may be necessary now if you share finances with a partner—in business or in your personal life. Emotionally fraught news from a sibling or about the end of a contract could leave you shaken after the lunar eclipse and full moon in cleansing Libra on March 23. Be prepared.

Virgo: Security System

The energy surrounding your home and family life, that has ebbed and flowed over the past weeks, is likely to come to a critical mass after March 5 when warlike Mars sets up camp in your fourth House of Home and Security for the first time in nearly two years. The potential for small disagreements between family members and roommates to develop into major rifts is unusually high, and you could find yourself at odds with your own moral code. To effectively avoid (most) domestic spats, harness Mars’ 4th House energy and initiate a home improvement or DIY project you’ve been putting off.

A solar eclipse and new moon in friendly Pisces on March 8 signals fresh opportunities to form fruitful partnerships, especially in business. Venus’ move into Pisces on March 12 will ensure alliances formed now are productive but also very intense. Your partner or S.O. may misinterpret your creative passion and become jealous of your connection around the sharp lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23, creating more tension at home. Ground yourself as firmly as you can during this cycle—you can’t live for anyone else but yourself.

Libra: Conscious Uncoupling

You won’t be able to hold your tongue anymore once Mars in supportive Sagittarius makes himself at home in your third House of Communication on March 5. Words hold tremendous power now, and it’s likely that you’ll finally muster the courage to stand up for yourself, divulge intimate feelings to your crush, or even launch a new blog or book during this cycle. The bad news? Clashes with siblings are more likely. All that static is simply not genteel Libra scene, but you’re not likely to give in to disagreements just to keep the peace if it means compromising your morals. Stick to your guns through the solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces on March 8. The last of a series of eclipses in your sign falls on March 23, when a lunar eclipse full moon takes place in Libra, signaling the end of a life cycle. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything—or anyone—you’ve outgrown.

Scorpio: Trial By Fire

Energy motivating you to create your dream life has been pumping through your steely veins steadily for the last several weeks with no intention of slowing down this month. But the casino buffet of cheap, easy options that’s been funding your cushy slacker lifestyle is about to collapse into a financial frenzy once war god Mars, one of your dual ruling planets, blazes into your second House of Earned Income on March 5. Surprise expenses will test your financial mettle this month; you can either lose your temper (unavoidable), or use the pressure as fodder to chase down and slaughter any and all income-generating avenues that pop up on your radar. More than likely, you’ll do what Scorpios do best and create your own money-making opportunities out of sheer willpower and drive. Freelance and independent gigs will be incredibly lucrative for you, Scorpio, so don’t be afraid to ask for the money you know you are worth. Sticking your neck out for a raise could also be a success, though you’ll have to conjure all your darkest magic to avoid coming off as brash.

On March 8, a brilliant solar eclipse in your true love sector and a new moon in Pisces sparkles with promise. Venus follows into Pisces on March 12, giving you truly enviable aspects for attracting new love. Get out there while you still have time—an exacting lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23 will draw your focus back to your creative and professional development.

Sagittarius: Unstoppable Force

Sagittarius is known as the luckiest sign of the zodiac, and if you play your hand right this month, you could give every other sign a run for their money. Initiative Mars will be touring your sign all month beginning March 5, re-energizing your drive to set and accomplish more goals that you have collectively in the past two years. The best part? You can apply this energy to virtually any part of your life that lacks your trademark go-getter zeal, allowing you to make all the first moves. March is an ideal starting point for new initiatives, just be sure to begin now—you won’t want to wait until next month when Mars will be sleeping.

Home life will also take precedence this month after the solar eclipse and new moon on March 8. An upgrade in your living situation may materialize after Venus moves into dreamy Pisces on March 12, lifting you out of your comfort zone—with surprisingly harmonious results. The month ends on a somber note when the lunar eclipse full moon on March 23 sends signs of a friendship taking its dying breaths.

Capricorn: Going Underground

“Hey, where the hell did my mojo go?” seems to be a question that will come up a lot this month, Capricorn, particularly after ambitious Mars gets mismatched to your 12th House of Privacy and Secrets, making you seem more socially awkward than usual. A new cycle begins now that will force you to reconsider how you burn energy. If you have been experiencing exhaustion lately, take that as a glaring sign to step back, breathe, and re-strategize. Hard and fast change that actually sticks around long term will be rare in March, but you will be able to pinpoint the physical and mental triggers leeching your energy. A supportive solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces on March 8 followed by Venus in Pisces on March 12 reminds you who your true friends are, no matter how reclusive you become. Workwise, seismic quakes from a jarring lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra on March 23 could have you throwing in the towel for a new career path.

Aquarius: Making a Difference

Election years are an Aquarius’ time to shine, and March’s astrological aspects will have Water Bearers taking to the streets, social media, and any other avenues where their political message of globalized change can be heard. On March 5, fiery Mars will ignite the center of your chart associated with large groups, humanitarian efforts, and your deepest-held ideals and ethics. You’re more than ready to fight for what you believe in, but now you have an almost supernatural ability to lead—particularly with social justice campaigns that will serve thousands, even millions. Anticipate your heart bursting at its seams for fighting the good fight, but also for going after your deepest personal desires. Cynicism aside, you can make a difference, Aquarius.

Cash flow has a good chance of increasing this month after a solar eclipse brightens your earned income sector on March 8, where money-minded Venus will also be hanging out after March 12. More money is on its way to you through a new endeavor, but in the meantime don’t be timid about asking for a raise. You’ve been underestimating your professional value for far too long, Aquarius, but your biggest payoff will materialize by the time the razor-sharp lunar eclipse full moon in intellectual Libra rolls around on March 23. Until then, let your imagination earn the recognition it deserves at work.