Margot Caitlin Moe

meet caitlin moe’s musical alter-ego and download her new song free!

by Alex Catarinella

Meet Margot, and thank us later. Well, you might already know her (and by know, we mean love.)

See also: The Dolls, the duo Margot formed with DJ Mia Moretti, which finds Moretti spinning many a gem as Margot goes ham on the violin, with that bleached blonde bob bouncing around like a shampoo-commercial-gone-wild, whilst often clad in a pair of skyscraper platforms. It’s quite the sartorial/sonic-slaying spectacle, and the in-demand duo have been booked for everything you’ve ever wanted to be invited to around the globe -- fashion weeks, music festivals, and gigs alongside the legendary likes of Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

But, surprise! Margot is more than just an insanely amazing classically-trained violinist. Turns out, this girl can sing. Heart-crushing pipes over shadowy beats, lots of Girl, Interrupted Fiona Apple-friendly lyrics and anthemic sad girl choruses..it’s all happening. Margot recently debuted her first music video for “No One’s Gonna Miss You,” directed beautifully by her BFF/artist, Cleo Wade, and shot by frequent Azealia Banks’ collaborator, Rony Alwin -- and the blogs are already talking. (And Katy Perry’s already tweeting her support!)

We’ve heard a sneak peek of Margot’s forthcoming fantastic debut album, produced by Boots (who’s responsible for a slew of the jams off Beyonce’s 2013 self-titled album) and Cory Enemy, and it’s basically like listening to a choir of Grammy awards. Margot is a perfectly pouty addition in the lovelorn world of Sia, Lana Del Rey, and Lykke Li--but we can assure you that Margot is rocking her heart on her sleeve in a one woman show like no other, and one that you absolutely won’t wanna miss. The standing ovations are imminent.

Special treat: go on and get your summertime sadness on with our exclusive free download of Margot’s sublime "No One’s Gonna Miss You." You’re welcome.

Who is Margot in five words?

Here for the heart broken.

Is she an alter ego? How did you “discover” her?

I think every woman has many faces and spaces. Margot is a vehicle I use musically and visually to bring people into a special dimension. She's kind of a dream state.

Tell us about your first single, ‘No One’s Gonna Miss You,’ and its stunning music video.

We've all been in love with somebody at some point that we wanted to forget. This song is about that forgetting; about burying that person so deep in your mind it's like they were never even there. The song is about a dark, complex mental state; we wanted to match it with visuals that were striking, simple and unapologetically a little insane. I collaborated on the video with three of my best friends. So once we decided on the concept, we went to a studio, opened a bottle of champagne for breakfast and shot the video.

What is your favorite song on the album?

My favorite track on the record so far is “Glass.” I was revisiting some beats one night Boots had made and I heard a slinky string line and recorded it right away. He then got inspired by what I did and reworked the beat a bit and we wrote the vocal line over the strings and drums.

So, you’re a Sagittarius. And you’re in good company -- Britney, Nicki, Miley, Sia, are your Sagi sisters. How has being a crazy Sag influenced you as a musician?

We’re lovers. I love love. As I embarked on this creative endeavor, I knew there would no longer be a line between my art and my life. Everything I write that you hear, I live it. It’s as simple as that.

What are Margot’s summer fashion/beauty essentials?

I've been really into monochromatic outfits. Lots of whites and creams, matching high waisted skirts and crop tops. Summer whites can't shine without a dark lip. And a parasol.

Most recent iTunes purchase?

I haven't opened my iTunes in a while, but I found this Gershwin record conducted by Frederick Fennell that has been on repeat, especially the track "Fascinating Rhythm."

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?


Favorite karaoke song?

“Coconut” - Harry Nilsson

We can’t wait until you’re on the road. What will most definitely be on your tour rider?

A bottle of whiskey.