You Won’t Recognize Margot Robbie In The Full Trailer For ‘I, Tonya’

And that’s the point

I, Tonya won’t be your average biopic. In fact, it looks much, much better than the stiff depictions we’re used to. And we have Margot Robbie to thank for that.

The first teaser gave us a glimpse into Robbie’s performance as a disgraced former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. It looked promising, but it was only a snippet. The full trailer gives us a better look at her sinister performance, and it’s good—real good.

The movie is being described as a dark comedy, and though it’s hard to picture what, exactly, is humorous about the 1994 scandal that left Nancy Kerrigan injured and Harding banned from the United States Figure Skating Association, the film gives it and Harding’s life dimension. First, there’s Allison Janney who plays Harding’s blunt, foul-mouthed mother. Even the bodyguard, who admitted to having a role in the attack on Kerrigan, has a comedic wink to him. “I don’t know a Tony Harding,” he tells the FBI before we hear an audible gulp.

But it’s Robbie’s ability to turn Harding’s difficult life into a brilliant tragicomedy that commands your attention. She’s cruel, curses a lot, and my god her ability to pull off those bangs deserve its own accolade. “I mean come on! What kind of freaking person bashes in their friend's knee?” Robbie asks the police while smoking a cigarette. “Who would do that,” she pauses. “To a friend?” We all know the answer at this point.

The film has already racked up positive reviews after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Robbie's and Janney’s performances are, reportedly, the standouts. And to that, we say go for the (Oscar) gold, Robbie! We’ll be waiting with roses to throw at your feet. 

I, Tonya opens in select theaters December 8.