Explore Your Own Self With Marie Dahlstrøm’s “Mine”

Flow freely with this cool choreography

Tokyo might be the last place you would expect a Danish R&B singer based in London to find inspiration for a music video, but Marie Dahlstrøm's video for "Mine" takes a creative leap that, when viewed, looks so seamless, it doesn't appear like a leap at all. 

The song is a plea to "say that you're mine," but it doesn't feel like Dahlstrøm is desperately asking to hear these words, rather, that she would like to be reminded that the statement is true. This creates a joyful, free tonality that the video captures masterfully through the freedom in the dancers' movements. She says:

This video was so much fun to make. Keita had created a routine for "Look the Other Way" last year, so when I figured I was going on a mini-tour to Japan, I thought it was a good opportunity to work with him and his dancers face-to-face. We met up with the Australian videographer Matt De Sousa and filmed the video in the middle of Shibuya in Tokyo at four in the morning. I edited the video myself when I got back to London, so this video is a perfect memory of Japan.

The flowy, shimmery version of R&B showcased by Dahlstrøm on the track is a callback to the older days of the genre—one that makes the song perfect with the more rhythmic and more fluid qualities of Keita's choreography. The dancers each maintain their own personality to the point that they aren't all necessarily in sync during their group shots. This doesn't mean that the choreography isn't tight, rather that the effortless feel of the song seems to extend to the dancers as well.

Check it out in the video, below.