Marina And The Diamonds Blue Music Video - FROOT

cotton candy goodness

Marina and the Diamonds’ peppy, regret-filled song “Blue” finally got itself a music video. 

Filmed on location at “Dreamland” Pleasure Park in the U.K., our music issue cover star delivers a video that's bright, pink, bubbly, and filled with sugary-sweet goodness. It’s a stark contrast to the lyrics of the song, which find Marina Diamandis itching for just one more fun-filled romp with a past love. But isn't that itch always accompanied by some sort of innocent joy? Rather than wallow in the yearning, this kind of daydream longing is youthful and vibrant.  At one point Diamandis’ even cries glittery tears—a subtle but powerful contrast of joy and sadness. That theme is reflected in the overall candy-coated hue of the Charlotte Rutherford directed video. 

Too much candy will rot your soul, but boy is it good in the moment.