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Mars And Venus Are In Virgo, And This Means Major Turmoil

Love and war are at it again

You know how the phrase “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” got strangely popular once upon a time? It’s doubtful any of us believed in the verity of such a ridiculous statement since, well, if all men were from Mars, we would have been sending them back long ago seeking exchanges due to damaged ego, frail masculinity, and lost sense. Plus, I wouldn’t be writing this for any of you because I’d be chilling on Venus happy as a clam who likes other clams. What many astrology enthusiasts will happily chat your ear off about—but few beginners take into consideration—is that many of us earthlings along the whole gender spectrum have natal charts that include both a Mars placement and a Venus placement. And, yes, it is true that these influences are, in a general sense, related to exactly what you might imagine: masculinity and femininity. Ah! It glows both ways inside our earthly bodies.

This month, while the Sun lingers in Virgo, the new moon pays a visit to Virgo, and Mercury does their best work in Virgo, it’s worth noting (underlining and bolding, even) that Mars and Venus are in Virgo too. So, what does it mean when the planets of love and war are in the sign of service? Mars in Virgo since September 5 has been urging us to reconsider the purpose of our actions for some time now. Mars, a planet that often acts first and asks questions later, gets real introspective in Virgo because Virgo is not about to make mistakes and tarnish her reputation over some impulsive-ass behavior. In Virgo, Mars' energy is refined and reorganized, in order to affect change with acuity and diplomacy.

With this sort of influence in the sky, it’s not uncommon for many of us down on the ground to begin questioning the work we do and what roles we choose versus what roles are imposed upon us. The urge to leave jobs that don’t nourish our spirits will be strong, and it will be on us to decide what’s worth fighting for and what containers can no longer hold us.

While Mars in Virgo has been on our case, Venus slid into Virgo this week on her frothy seashell boat looking luscious. You might have not even noticed, save for the sudden urge to spend your free hours analyzing your relationships and inventing ways to make them "better," all the while feeling a deep desire to do something that really shows you care and speaks of your own commitment to love's great call. 

Like, are you at this moment writing a grocery list for a feast you're planning to serve your love which will nourish their big beautiful heart and also encourage them to have better eating habits because you're a little concerned about all the processed food they've been eating? Did reading that give you some date ideas you found exciting rather than annoying? Virgo wants to help you help yourself, which is lovely. But beware: People love to be taken care of as long as they don’t start to believe they're being fixed. No amount of benevolence cancels out the feeling that your partner wants to change you in order to like you. Don't push people so far you push them away.

Besides those of us who are Virgos or are ruled by Mars (Aries, Scorpio), Venus (Libra, Taurus), and Mercury (Gemini), people whose natal charts reveal placements that line up with their current transits can expect to feel the effects of it more intensely. Do yourself a favor and find out where Mars and Venus are placed in your natal chart. Due to this month’s placements, I do hope that for your sake they aren’t both in Virgo. Although, honestly, if there's one thing Virgo isn't afraid of—it's hard work for a worthy cause.