All The Superheroes Are In Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Trailer

The Marvel experiment comes to TV

It’s been four years since Marvel first announced they’d be taking over TV with a full programming slate on Netflix that would unfurl over the next several years. First, there was Daredevil, which was followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and capped off, underwhelmingly, by Iron Fist. Much like The Avengers came together on the big screen, these individual shows were actually building blocks for something a lot bigger. That something has finally arrived in the form of The Defenders, and Marvel has dropped a full-length trailer that shows off the chemistry between the four leads while teasing how they’ll come together to save New York City while The Avengers are on vacation.

As these things go, our heroes don’t get along at first. Luke Cage and Iron Fist trade blows in an alleyway, while Jessica James seems annoyed that Matt Murdock has been assigned to be her lawyer. But that was before Sigourney Weaver and her creepy smile show up to fuck shit up. By the end of the trailer, “the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, the smartass detective, the righteous ex con, and the kid with the glowing fist,” as a character puts it, are all best buds, beating up bad guys and discussing crime fighting over a solid-looking spread of Chinese food. Watch the trailer above, and check out The Defenders when it premieres on Netflix on August 18.