matte projects

A production company that knows how to party…

by Josh Madden

Matte Projects

Matte Projects is a venture started by NYC-based creatives Brett Kincaid and Max Pollack. The production company is focused on the conception, production, and promotion of creative music properties and short films.This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Matte Projects' latest effort, Full Moon NYC, named for the coveted and ridiculously far away full moon party in Thailand that Matte transferred to Governors Island Beach and turned into A fully immersive experience. Kincaid and Pollack booked a range of awesome talent to perform throughout the day, from Wild Belle and Tanlines to Cyril Hahn, Haerts, Miami Horror and a bunch more. Between the exotic street food, the beach, the music, and the Super Moon, it was easy to forget that city was only ferry ride away. The experience itself was amazing--as someone who was born and raised in the city, I have never enjoyed anything quite like this so close to home.To keep up with Matte Projects follow them 




and check out the piece below for a sample of their video production work.-Nick Bloom-Scaglione