Meet the Device That Will Keep You Connected Forever

by nylon

Your days of being "out of pocket" are officially over.more

That's according to the makers of Karma Go, a handy little rectangle (2.59” x 2.59” x .47’’) that will provide personal Wi-Fi access to all of your devices wherever you go. There are no contracts or commitments, and the company promises LTE speeds all over this great country of ours. You pay only for the data you use, and rates are as low as $14 per GB.

"WiFi shouldn’t be something you have to hunt for," Karma Go founder and CEO Steven van Wel said in a recent interview with Fox. "It should just follow you wherever you go."

You can preorder one of these bad boys now for $149, and the first batch are due to ship next month. That means that no matter where your holiday travels take you, you'll be able to check your email during lulls in family dinner conversation and use the Internet to settle disputes with your know-it-all cousins. (How dare they question your Simpsons knowledge?)

The only downside: If your boss finds out you have a Karma Go, you'll never be able to go off the grid again. Good thing these suckers fit in your pocket.