Meg Myers Band Crush

go on, get haunted.

by liza darwin

The Meg Myers who met us in a Soho coffee shop the day of her Brooklyn show is a very different one than the version we saw onstage later that night, opening for Broods on tour. The off-duty Myers is quiet ("awkwardly shy sometimes," as she puts it) and petite, but when she's belting out her edgy power ballads it's a different story.

The LA-by-way-of-Tennessee musician first hit our radar when NYLON premiered her breakout single, "Monster" a couple of years ago. This slow-burning jam might start out sweet, but before long it packs a powerful punch--a quality that's indicative of her raw, emotional sound. "Every single show I've had so far on tour, I've cried at some point, usually right after I go offstage," Myers admits. It's hard not to be affected when lyrics like "I wanna breathe into your will, See, I gotta to hunt you, I gotta to bring you to my hell" (from her new single "Desire") somehow manage to meld seduction, intrigue, and downright menace all into one breath. 

This is an artist who stays with you--and after sharing the stage with everyone from The Pixies to Chvrches--isn't it about time everyone got haunted in the best way possible? Start the process and fall into Meg Myers' mysterious web below.