small wonder

because your iphone wants to dance, too.

by liza darwin

Fact: you never know when you're going to have a spontaneous dance party in life.  This is why you should take the Boy Scout motto "Always be prepared" to heart and buy the Meggabeat Speakers, because random moments are always better with a really awesome soundtrack. 

This tiny little egg fits your iPhone 4,4s, or 5 and amplifies the sound in a huge way--up to four times as loud, which is even better than laptop speakers.

We don't know which part we like better, the fact that it's small enough to fit in your pocket, or the fact that it doesn't drain your iPhone at all. And although we wouldn't recommend it for crowded subway cars, it is perfect for pretty much everywhere else.

Not that anyone really needs another reason to be obsessed with their iPhones, but check out the Meggabeats here! You (and your friends) will be glad you did.