Video Premiere: Melanie Martinez “Dollhouse” Live

unapologetic pop.

by laura sciarpelletti

You may recognize Melanie Martinez from the third season of The Voice, for which she originally auditioning with a folk version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” During her time on the show, Martinez’s renditions of “Seven Nation Army” and “Too Close” achieved Top 5 sales positions in the iTunes Store, and her original “Toxic” performance drew in over 6 million views on YouTube. Despite eventually being eliminated, Martinez left the program with a large audience. After releasing the lead single “Dollhouse” off of her debut EP The Dollhouse this past April, the Internet has exploded with further support for the young performer, giving the video over 8 million views.

This live version “Dollhouse” video is unapologetically Martinez, allowing her to perform in the honest way that that she was known for during her time on The Voice. The song is colorful insightful pop that caters to her original fans while also inviting in a new wave of admirers. Martinez’s stripped down live performance features her raspy soulful vocals and slight trills, as she spews lyrics that comment on “plastic” lives and what young people are truly able to see. “Dollhouse” is the kind of song made exactly for the type of girl that Martinez herself is, and shows a maturity that appeals to a continuously growing following of strong young female performers such as Demi Lovato and Lorde. We will certainly be seeing a lot more of Martinez as she continues to win listeners over with her bright fashion style and folk pop.

For information on Martinez’s upcoming tour, click here.