Watch Melissa McCarthy In The New ‘The Boss’ Trailer

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by daniel barna

There comes a point in every comedy star's career, in which they have to make their underdog movie, you know, the one where they help a bunch of milquetoast kids find their inner lions. Think Jack Black in School of Rock, Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, and Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming. 

Now it's Melissa McCarthy's turn. 

In the first trailer for The Boss, we see McCarthy as a powerful CEO who gets locked up for insider trading, and upon her release, tries to make good by helping some girl scouts kick their competition's butts, both figuratively and literally. McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone directs, and Kristen Bell plays the square to McCarthy's fireball. Kathy Bates and Peter Dinklage also star. Expect this one to make a kajillion dollars when it hits theaters April 8, 2016. Watch the trailer above.