Video Premiere: Mereki “Nothing Matters”

future punk party anthem.

Aussie-born Mereki knows how to have a good time. With her bleach-blonde hair, killer style, and carefree attitude, this future punk artist is not afraid to be wild, loud, and completely kickass. And her latest music video for "Nothing Matters" perfectly captures that feeling.

Moving away from the more synthy, electronic lovelorn feel of her 2013 song "Blue Lake," Mereki has adopted a new, unapologetic sound that makes for the perfect party soundrack. But her change of style shouldn't come as a surprise—the singer has also written music for Kylie Minogue and provided supporting vocals for Sky Ferreria on "I Blame Myself." With percussive rock vibes similar to Lolawolf, "Nothing Matters" goes all out, blending futuristic electro-pop accents with a heavy drumbeat and unexpected elements of techno soundbites that evoke the nostalgic chimes of dial-up internet. It's a mix of Los Angeles cool with suburban angst, and just a dash of garage rock.

Directed by Holychild, the video for Mereki's new single captures the song's handmade, badass vibe in one insane night out. Watch it below.