MGMT Are Back And, Uh, Goth

Four years really changes things

What is one to do after all the psychedelics wear off but embrace the darkness? MGMT appear to have done just that with Little Dark Age, their forthcoming fourth LP. Or, at least, that's what the lead single and music video will lead you to think.

Andrew VanWyngarden dons his best Robert Smith drag for the title track's video. The gothic vibes are interspersed with chopping fruit, plenty of fog, and an odd coupling that seems content to snog underneath a dusty sheet. Oh, and there's a vaping demon creature. Is this what the after-effects of hallucinogens look like or are we still, uh, on that "electric feel"? Either way, MGMT's newest strikes perfect harmony between desire and joylessness. Eyeliner and smoked-out shadow for all. This isn't just a phase, y'all. It's. Real. Life.

Little Dark Age reportedly drops early next year.