MIA GENER8ION The New International Sound Part II Music Video

fight on

The follow-up to M.I.A.’s 2013 album Matangi is approaching. She’s been slowly releasing new material, and today, a new video dropped for a song with French producer GENER8ION. It’s called “The New International Sound (Part II)” and it’s a doozy.

M.I.A. doesn’t make an appearance in the three-and-a-half-minute visual, but her influence is felt throughout. Instead, director Inigo Westmeier documents 36,000 Tagou Martial Arts students in their element. Tagou is the largest children’s fighting school in China, and it’s on full display here. The choreographed training sessions are a visual feast and a poignant complement to lyrics like, “You can kill my privacy, but you can’t kill that love in me.”

GENER8ION’s mixtape featuring the M.I.A. track dropped today. We can expect a trilogy of videos from the “Paper Planes” singer soon, too. M.I.A. took to  to explain her new self-directed, 12-minute long project. Rage on, M.I.A. Rage on.