M.I.A. Drops A Chill New Track Ahead Of Her Festival


Today, M.I.A. has graced us with a brand-new single called "GOALS." The downtempo track was produced Portuguese musician Branko and features M.I.A. repeating the line, "Pick up the receiver, I'll make you a believer." We believe her. M.I.A. also dedicated the song to her most ardent supporters in a message on her YouTube page and offered up words of hope in what are some challenging times. "DEDICATED TO MY HARDCORE FANS THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNFALTERING DEDICATION AND SUPPORT," she wrote. "YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A SLIVER OF HOPE IN HUMANITY. STAY STRONG. REALITY WINNERZ." That last bit is a reference to the 25-year-old N.S.A. contractor who has been accused of leaking classified documents to the media.

The track also comes complete with a video that features Boomerang-style GIFs of the singer and her fans during one of her raucous shows. The video was created by photographer Jaime Martinez and will be displayed as an art piece at the upcoming Meltdown festival, which M.I.A. herself is curating. The festival will begin this Friday in London, at a time when the city can use a reason to celebrate. It runs until the 18th at the Southbank Center and will feature artists like Giggs, Crystal Castles, Mykki Blanco, Young M.A., and Princess Nokia. M.I.A. will, of course, close out the festivities. 

Watch the "GOALS" video above.