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mix’n’match like mia moretti

gotta switch it up.

I get it, everyone hates the word hipster. But, let's be honest--Mia Moretti is basically a hipster Barbie doll, is she not?! I wish I could have had a roll-y suitcase of the DJ's wardrobe for all of my dolls when I was little. Then I would have had a trendy Barbie.

But since those days have passed, I'm taking a hint from the It girl as an adult. When pulling fashion inspo from Mia Moretti, the biggest phrase you need to remember is: "mix'n'match." From red carpets and Hollywood parties to music fests and Brooklyn ragers, Moretti is always pulling off the prints-on-prints look (and usually throwing in a crop top) the right way. So if you want to get in on the game, too, just remember to pair opposing patterns, add pops of totally unexpected color, and layer like nobody's business.

See what I mean by checking out what I learned over the years from my favorite Mia Moretti mixed-up matches below!

What I Learned From The Look: There's no such thing as too much floral, as long as you do it right. Oh, and a pop of emerald green never hurt anyone.

What I Learned From The Look: Layering jewelry is as important as layering clothing. Whether you go with two different necklace lengths, or pull the same color from your skirt into your hair accessories, a multi-faceted ensemble can still look pulled-together.

What I Learned From The Look: Sometimes pairing long skirts with high shoes can go terribly wrong. If the skirt is too short it looks terrible, if the skirt is too long, you fall on your face. Here, Moretti shows us the perfect skirt length to pair with wedges. Plus, she shows us how to rock a printed bottom with a striped top--and it looks like throwing in some sheer is definitely the way to go.

What I Learned From The Look: Matching your lipstick to your outfit is OK--when you have a fun pattern to lie between the two similar hues. Also, adding a bit of texture to whichever piece you're matching your lipstick to keeps it less match-y and more mix-y.

What I Learned From The Look: This dress is the epitome of mix'n'match. Why? Because it's the same exact print, but in two different colors. I salute you, Mia.

What I Learned From The Look: If you're too scared to rock two different bright colors, go with a nude shoe; it keeps things looking simple and lets your favorite colors stand out instead of drawing attention somewhere else.

What I Learned From The Look: Never in my wildest dreams would I think to layer a long-sleeved shirt under a tee. But Moretti makes it look so great here that I can not wait to try it this fall.

What I Learned From The Look: Here's another amazing example of Moretti's perfectly chosen dress length, and smart pairing of two different patterns. What I take away most from this style in particular is that skin-tight top and bottom can definitely be a good thing.