Photo: Kelsey Stanton/


The Best Party .GIFS From Miami Art Basel

life is better when seen through an animated loop.

by nylon

The beast of a weekend known as Art Basel has come and it has gone, but the snaps we took are forever. Sure, while all the creative folk gathered at convention centers, galleries, and other arty locations by day, the party scene thrived come sundown. Our own night brunch brought out flocks of folk, each spending quality time with the NYX Cosmetics Kissing Booth. Some partied at the Versace Mansion while others paraded around town, popping in and out of various parties...just to get that coveted party photo. Since what happens in Miami—especially at a NYLON party in Miami—doesn’t stay in Miami, the following .GIFs will stand as proof of the best week ever.


"You used to call me on my cell phone..."

Blowin' bubbles.

Here for this moment.

Hear no evil...see no evil...or something like that.

Real friends take you to the kissing booth.

How many emoji faces can you spot?

How'd that ball get in there?!

Cannot be bothered.

Balloon attack!


That escalated quickly...

Did this guy hang by the booth all night, or what?

Too cute!

Allllmost nailed it!

[heart eyes emoji x100]

Team NYLON for the win!