miansai’s michael saiger hits japan

The founder and creative director heads to Japan to take care of business…

by Christian Lavery


Behind the mind of Michael Saiger,


founder and creative director, the accessories brand has grown into an entity that comes with a certain aesthetic. Known for its signature bracelets that offer a rustic and ageless feel, the brand that began 2008 has since expanded into the realms of leather goods, watches, shoes, and most recently opening up a shop New York’s esteemed neighborhood of SOHO.

With its expansion comes a whole new set of opportunities, like say, heading to the East Asian nation of Japan. Not a bad gig, right? So while Saiger was out there working, he managed to round up a visual diary of everything he saw. View the gallery above, and see what he had to say about his trip below.

Is this your first time in Tokyo? If not, how frequently do you go?

"It’s not my first time…I’ve been there once before and plan on going in the future; at least once a year."

What do you do in your free time?

"I definitely make a point to visit the fish markets in the morning. Walking around Tokyo is very inspiring… there are so many cool stores."

Where do you eat? Any favorites?

"Sushi is my favorite food. The no-name hole-in-the-wall local joints are my favorite spots for the freshest fish."

What are you expecting to see or learn at the fish markets? How do you think this will inspire you in the next collections?

"The fish markets are incredibly inspiring for me when designing new collections. I love to walk around at dawn and see the boats unloading the huge blue fin tuna. Also, the fishing hardware around the market is very inspiring and gets me amped up to design cool SH*&T"

What areas will you be in specifically?

"My favorite areas that I’ll be visiting are Ginza, Aoyama, Harajuku, and Daikanyma."

Any other interesting plans while you are there?

"We will be looking at space for a possible Miansai Japan shop – very excited about this idea. I love Tokyo and we have a huge following there, so it seems a natural next step for the brand."

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