Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Michael B Jordan’s Go-To Sandwich Order Is Pretty Gross

No, thanks

In a recent profile with Vanity Fair, Michael B Jordan speeds down the highway, discussing his rise to fame, family, and much more. In a separate video for the publication, the actor gives a minute-by-minute breakdown of his everyday life, including his go-to lunch order.

He refers to himself as a "creature of habit" that eats pretty much the same thing each day. "Turkey, egg, and cheese on a roll, little bit of jelly," is the description Jordan gives of his lunch. Excuse me? I can understand a classic bacon egg and cheese, and I can understand the ever-popular Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey and some sort of cranberry-esque jam. This just seems like it misses the mark as far as sandwiches go. 

Maybe he was cleaning out food products that were about to expire in his fridge and discovered an unlikely fave? To each their own, but I'm gonna pass on trying this one out.