Michael Cera’s New Song Is The Most Michael Cera Thing Michael Cera Has Done

“Best I Can”

Michel Cera's moonlighting as a musician is surprisingly unsurprising. He did, after all, release what's been called a "really pretty good" album in 2014. Three years without so much as a follow-up is enough time to easily forget that happened, though. So, here we are, with yet another really pretty good song from Cera. It's called "Best I Can."

That Cera can go off and record music of this caliber outside of the public's eye is a testament to where he is in his career right now. Aside from a very brief cameo in Twin Peaks: The Return and lending his voice to The LEGO Batman Movie and Sausage Party, Cera's skirted around the spotlight and major studio projects. (The forthcoming installment of Arrested Development, of course, means something different.) He's doing what feels right for him now. Speaking with SPIN, he said music isn't a career he actively pursues; "it’s more of something I like to have as an outlet," he explained.

"Best I Can" was written for the movie DINA, the Grand Jury Prize-winning film at Sundance about a couple on the autism spectrum who falls in love. (Cera ultimately scored the project.) Sharon Van Etten lends her vocals to Cera's bubbly mix of electronics. It all works together to create a very pleasant atmosphere. This would be a song Michael Cera would make simply because of how genuinely warm it is. That, and it sounds like the sort of song you'd put on a mix CD for your high school crush with handwritten song titles surrounded by doodles on it.