Watch The Trailer For ‘The Light Between Oceans,’ The Movie In Which Michael Fassbender And Alicia Vikander Fell In Love

can you blame them?

Hollywood's sexiest couple (according to a study we just made up) Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander fell in love on a movie set. But for true, all-encompassing love to fully blossom, it can't just be any old movie set. Their surroundings need to be sublime, the kind of magical location you might find on an episode of The Bachelor. Keep that in mind as you gaze upon the trailer for The Light Between Oceans, the prestige drama that brought these two Oscar contenders together.

Amidst plunging cliffs and endless ocean, the story revolves around a couple who spend their days tending to a lighthouse off the coast of Western Australia, until an infant girl in lifeboat washes up on their shores. They adopt her as their own, until eventually the child's real mother (played by Rachel Weisz) comes into the picture, forcing the couple to make an impossible decision. This short 90-second teaser, with its swirling piano and swelling strings, has more emotion and heartache in it than most of the movies that came out this year, which should come as no surprise given that it comes to us from Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance. It also has Fassbender and Vikander falling for each other, right there on the screen. Can you feel it?