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miley cyrus got an emoji tattoo

Heart, Dolla $igns, Confetti

If you've ever taken a look at Miley Cyrus' Instagram, you've maybe gotten a peek into the singer's strange, pizza-filled, Photoshop-fueled mind. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that she got an emoji tattoo—because she can't stop/won't stop being Miley. 

Cyrus' tattoo journey (if you will) started when she was 17, when she got "Just Breathe" written by her heart in memory of her late grandfather and friend Vanessa. Since then, she's added multiple tattoos: a heart, a cross, the word "karma," "BAD" in red ink, an equal sign for equal rights, and an evil eye—to her fingers, "LOVE" behind her ear, a large dreamcatcher on her rib cage, an anchor and an om symbol on her wrist, a sugar skull on her foot, the phrase "love never dies" and a sabertooth on her inner bicep, a Theodore Roosevelt quote, a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of the human heart, and "VIIXCI" on her forearm (the roman numerals 7/91, when her parents met), crossed arrows above her elbow to signify friendship, "Rolling $tone" on the bottom of her feet, her grandmother's portrait, a cartoon of her late dog Floyd, "Love Yer Brain," and a crescent moon. Whew! 

The singer also has two previous emoji tattoos, one of a tongue emoji (which has faded) on her finger, and one of the crying cat emoji on the inside of her lip. The more you know. 

photo via @mileycyrus instagram