Miley Cyrus My Neck My Back Khia Cover - Adult Swim

‘turn up!’

Miley Cyrus has a knack for covering songs. Her Happy Hippie Foundation has taken her backyard sessions to a new level of cool by inviting other artists to join in. (Her latest video included Ariana Grande and some pretty sweet onesies.) 

Last night, however, Cyrus was not in her backyard performing feel-good tunes. She was, instead, at the Adult Swim Upfronts party in full Miley Mode: butterfly wings, butterfly pasties, a thong-like contraption, glitter, and a glowing smiley necklace dangling from her neck like a Flavor Flav clock. There, she continued to slay the cover game with a rendition of Khia’s opus “My Neck, My Back.” She covered it so well, it’s a shame it’s taken her so long to put her spin on the 2002 ode to cunnilingus. Khia agreed and thanked Cyrus via an RT for the free exposure. Turn up, Miley. Turn up.