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we can’t stop looking at miley’s latest selfie

miley being miley

Another day, another outrageous selfie from Miley Cyrus. The singer, who's prone to sharing intimate moments with her followers on Instagram, took a moment on Saturday while sitting on the toilet to show off her latest outfit that pays homage to Drake. No stranger to bizarre outfits—we've basically come to expect it from her at this point—Cyrus' monocrhromatic top and pants featured the Canadian rapper's face all over it in the style of Andy Warhol's famous pop-art portraits. She also matched the Drake's blue lips on her outfit with vibrant blue lipstick, because coordination is key. The singer is do doubt gearing up for her hosting duties at this year's VMAs on August, 30, when there's no doubt that more skocking outfits and insanity will ensue.