Miley Cyrus Tackles Misogyny In The Work Place In Must-See ‘SNL’ Sketch

Don’t mess with the Women Workplace Warriors

by daniel barna

Comedy has many functions. Yes, it's supposed to make us laugh, and this previously unaired SNL sketch that was cut from Miley Cyrus' hosting stint last October does just that. But, aside from the obvious chuckles, the sketch succeeds because it doubles as a commentary on the important issues of our time, and that's when comedy becomes truly transcendent.

In this case, that issue is sexism in the workplace. Cyrus and Aidy Bryant play the "Women Workplace Warriors," a superhero duo whose job it is to vanquish misogyny armed with nothing more than shoulder pads and a whole lot of "general pizzazz.” So, when their boss chastises them for bringing him the wrong cigar, Cyrus apologizes, conceding that "we were just little idiots who should've known better." 


After snapping that "Women not make money, women for bikini!” the Warriors unleash their powers on their superiors. "Thanks to that battle, women will be getting equal pay from now on," Cyrus determines after literally turning her boss into a salad. It's exactly the kind of absurdist humor we've come to expect from SNL's cut-for-time sketches and exactly the kind of empowering message we've come to expect from Cyrus. Watch below.